Fighting Your DUI
The Miami DUI Lawyers


Factors You Need To Consider When Building Your Case

Write Down Everything You Saw

Write-down anything you did and/or saw that evening. If you have any bar receipts, ticket stubs, or any other documentation of what you were doing the night you were arrested for DUI, gather it together and present it to your attorney. Moreover, when you write down the events of the evening, make sure that you pay particular attention to the conduct of the arresting officer. Such an account may come in handy when you are on trial.

Had Any Dental Work Recently?

Record any dental or oral hygiene device you may have used that evening. Denchers, crowns, and even tongue-rings can trap alcohol molecules and lead to false breathalyzer readings. Your attorney should also be told about the presence of such things in your mouth on the night of the arrest.

Make Sure You Know Your Medical History

Give your attorney notice of any medical conditions that you might have. Medical history can be highly relevant to any Miami DUI lawyer making an inquiry into your case. Often police officers will attempt to conduct field sobriety tests and conclude that an individual is drunk when they are actually suffering from a medical condition that affects balance or coordination. Moreover, conditions that affect the viscosity of one’s blood can also have a detrimental effect on police-obtained blood-alcohol samples.

Note the date of your arrest and secure the services of a competent DUI attorney in Miami as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in Florida because your license will be suspended within 10 days of your arrest; something most people don’t want to deal with.