Fighting Your DUI
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Florida's 10 Day Rule:

In Florida, your license will automatically be suspended within 10 days of your arrest for a DUI. This suspension isn’t a part of a criminal process and doesn’t come from a judge. Instead, the 10-day rule is the mandatory procedure of the Florida DMV following the report of an arrest for a DUI. This distinction is important because your license may be suspended even though a jury of your peers has found you “not guilty” of a DUI.
What's the Duration of the Suspension? The administrative board’s punishments differ if you are a repeat offender. If it is your first DUI, the administrative board at the Florida DMV will automatically suspend your license for 6 months. If it is your second offense, the board will suspend your license for 12 months. And if this is your third arrest, the board will suspend your license for 18 months. Also, know that if there were minors in the car or your blood/breath alcohol level was over .15%, the penalties given out by the board may be a bit more severe.


What About Out of State Licenses? Even if you are not from Florida, reciprocity compacts between DMV’s exist and they often share information. If the administrative board finds that you are in violation of Florida law to the extent that your license would be suspended if you were a Florida citizen, word of the hearing and its determination will likely be sent to your home state. The result? Your license will likely be suspended by your home state in the name of DMV reciprocity.


Why Do I Need To Hire A Miami DUI Lawyer? The 10-day rule is important, and regardless of whether you’re from Florida, you need the right kind of help at the administrative hearing. Let our qualified Miami DUI lawyers represent you at the administrative hearing and protect your license. When you hire a Miami DUI lawyer, he or she can fight for your license in front of the administrative board and secure a temporary permit for you to use your vehicle during the criminal phase of your DUI charge. It is important that you hire a skilled DUI attorney because hearings in front of the board are often highly technical and deal almost exclusively with the admissibility of evidence.